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Why Buy Property in Lanzarote?

Dreaming of starting a new life abroad? There are many good reasons why you should choose Lanzarote as a relocation or retirement destination. And you certainly won't be alone as around 30% of Lanzarote's population is comprised of foreign residents. With British expatriates forming the largest grouping of foreign nationals on the island. Lanzarote property also makes an ideal purchase for anyone seeking a holiday rental investment as the island boasts a buoyant and stable tourist industry that delivers year round rental returns.

Climate & Quality of Life

Lanzarote Beach

Forget about commuting in the cold and the rain and the nine to five grind, as Lanzarote is light years away from the UK and Eire in terms of climate and working culture. Here temperatures remain in the 20s Celsius even in the depths of winter. Enabling residents to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year round. Which means no more central heating and being cooped up in doors for half of the year - but an altogether healthier lifestyle instead. And one that is also considerably cheaper than in the UK as you'll have no heating bills to pay either.

As a result of this great climate it's possible to get involved with a whole raft of healthy outdoor sports and activities whatever the time of the year, encompassing everything from cycling to surfing and everything else in between.


Year-round Rental Potential

Tourists arriving in Lanzarote

If you're looking for a holiday rental investment then Lanzarote is an ideal choice. As thanks to the islands great climate it's possible to rent Lanzarote apartments and villas in Lanzarote out all year round too. Compare this with the rest of Spain or even the Balearics where the holiday season is restricted to just a few months of the year and it soon becomes obvious why Lanzarote has the edge over most other markets.

The island welcomes around 1.5 million foreign tourists every year - the majority of them from the UK and Eire. And independent travel is on the rise thanks to the recent proliferation of budget flights. With operators such as Easyjet and Ryanair all now competing on this route.

As a result Lanzarote boasts a buoyant and stable tourist market. Tourists have been visiting the island now for over 50 years and unlike some other sun spots Lanzarote is never in or out of fashion. Instead it just continues to enjoy a very steady stream of tourist guests, with many returning to the island year after year.


European Union Status

European Flag

Lanzarote is part of the EU as it is owned by Spain, despite the fact that it is hundreds of miles south of the European mainland and located off the coast of West Africa. As a result this is basically as far south as you can travel and still technically remain within the administrative boundaries of the European Union. This makes it easy for buyers from other European countries to both invest in property here and to relocate to the island, as no special visas or paperwork are required.


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